Investigative Reporting


I-Team: Years of animal abuse documented at Havasu Canyon

May 8, 2017

Reporter George Knapp of 8 News Now in Las Vegas recently did a report on the long-standing neglect and abuse of the pack animals in Supai. He interviewed SAVE co-founder Susan Ash, who talks about the suffering that these animals are still needlessly enduring. We are grateful to George and the news station for helping to give this issue additional exposure, and especially for their honest and compelling reporting. 

One of the most beautiful places in the world is drawing attention, not for its scenery, but for its long history of animal abuse. Havasu Canyon, on the edge of the Grand Canyon, is accessible by foot, by helicopter, or on the backs of animals. Horses, burros, and donkeys have endured unimaginable suffering, but their plight has been hidden as well as ignored by most of the hundreds of visitors who arrive each day. But the word is finally getting out.