August 8, 2017

In early July our followers rallied together and helped us raise the funds to sign a year deal on a billboard, in an effort to further raise awareness and educate tourists about the plight of these tortured pack animals. The billboard was installed at the end of July but we learned from one of our followers who saw it while driving, that the location of the billboard was not ideal because it didn't have the best visibility. We spoke with the billboard company and they agreed to move it to another location they had available - one with better visibility that can be seen easier from the road, which was our original goal. The image above is the one that is displayed on the billboard. The billboard is located near Kingman on Route 66 going west toward Supai. Look for it!

Please note: We understand that this image is not the most jarring of those we have posted in the past. However, the photos that we have received from tourists were almost all taken with camera phones and other devices that make the image file size too small for the requirements of the billboard. The photos we chose was taken by a professional photographer with a professional-grade camera, therefore giving us a great file to work with. Additionally, some of the billboard companies we researched would not allow us to use the more startling images (like of Justice) per their company policies.

We feel that this photo still conveys some of the suffering that the pack animals endure, and we intentionally used the word "abuse" in the text to imply that there is more to the story. Our main goal is to create awareness and we believe this billboard will help to do that. We cannot thank our followers enough for their gracious donations to help make this campaign possible.